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The Robot

Two nerds build a robot, and it has some wild adventures. A comedy sketch for Panda City Comedy.

Written and Directed by: Bobby McGlynn

Cast: Adam Weber, Kale Hills, Amanda Lehan, Jade Rosenberg, Bam Hall, Cameron Reid, Jeremy Coman, Gabriel Orendain, Abby Burns, Lillian Lam, John Calder III, Brent Pella, Terence Josiah, James Janisse, Gretchen Dickason, Elliott Brichford, Theresa Stroll, Will Smith, Kate Boyer, Dan Velazquez, Andrew Enriquez, Adam Jones

Crew: Bobby McGlynn, Gabriel Orendain, Theresa Stroll, Brent Pella, Connie Shin, Abby Burns, Adam Weber, James Janisse, Amanda Lehan, Kale Hills, Gretchen Dickason

Ending music by Bobby McGlynn

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